Duco Veen

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

Extraordinary Professor

North-West University


I currently hold an Assistant Professor position at the department of methodology and statistics situated at Utrecht University. I'm involved in the COVID-RED, and Trials@Home projects. Besides that I'm appointed as Extraordinary Professor at the Optentia Research Programme of North-West University, South Africa. I'm involved in the Stan project. Stan is “freedom-respecting, open-source software for facilitating statistical inference at the frontiers of applied statistics”. I work on the development of ShinyStan.


  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Expert Elicitation
  • Bayesian workflow
  • Randomized Repsonse Methodology


  • PhD in Methodology and Statistics, 2020

    Utrecht University

  • MSc Methodology and Statistics in the behavioral, social and biomedical sciences (Cum Laude), 2016

    Utrecht University

  • BSc in PSychology, 2014

    University of Twente

Recent Publications

Bayesian statistics and modelling

Bayesian statistics is an approach to data analysis based on Bayes’ theorem, where available knowledge about parameters in a …

Generalized Linear Randomized Response Modeling using GLMMRR

Randomized response (RR) designs are used to collect response data about sensitive behaviors (e.g., criminal behavior, sexual desires). …

Speech discrimination in infants at family risk of dyslexia. Group and individual-based analyses

Deficiencies in discriminating and identifying speech sounds have been widely attested in individuals with dyslexia as well as in young …

Programming Projects


Simulation Based Calibration (SBC)

Play around with this app to develop some intuition about how to interpret SBC plots.

shinystan 3.0

ShinyStan provides immediate, informative, customizable visual and numerical summaries of model parameters and convergence diagnostics …

Draw your correlation

Draw your own bivariate distribution and see what correlations and regression models you would find. See for yourself what adding an …


Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) for Binary Randomized Response (RR) Data. Includes Cauchit, Compl. Log-Log, Logistic, and Probit …

Play with sampling distribution of correlation

This app shows sampling from a bivariate distribution under different sample sizes and true correlations. The application also shows …

Five-Step Method Elicitation tool

This application can be used in a Five-Step method elicitation procedure.

Kullback-Leibler Divergences

This application shows a visual representation of Kullback-Leibler (KL) Divergence.


  • Working from Home, Utrecht, The Netherlands